Achaemenid Art, Text and Images

Corpus Christi College, Auditorium, MBI Al Jaber Building, 29 Jan. 2011, 10.30 am- 5.30 pm


10.30 Coffee

Morning session (Chair: J. Boardman)

11.00 M. Garrison (San Antonio), Some Observations on Persepolitan Glyptic and the Seal of Arshama: Seal Inscriptions, Imagery, and Style

12.00 D. Kaptan (Nevada), Sealings from Achaemenid Period Anatolia

1.00 Lunch

Afternoon session (chair: TBA)

1.45 C. Draycott (Oxford), Elnâf and his contemporaries: owners and their art in the case of some Western Anatolian tomb monuments

2.45 W. Henkelman (Amsterdam), Irdabama, a Persian Queen with Elamite Seal

3.45 Tea

4.00 C. J. Tuplin, Presentation and discussion of the "Hinzani letter" (TADAE A.6.12, Driver 9)

4.30 General discussion

Attendance to this AHRC-funded event is free (and lunch is included) but participants should register by e-mail with or

(Unfortunately, the paper which was originally going to be given by L. Llewelyn-Jones (Edinburgh), "Costuming the Empire: Problems in the study of Achaemenid-period dress", has had to be cancelled.)


Introduction to Seals of Anatolia (D. Kaptan)


Arshama seal, Bodleian Library